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The seamless Elina clutch is pure modern luxury and made in the United States.

Aerospace aluminum body forms are hand worked into one of six specialty finishes and an endless menu of colors and designs by highly skilled American artisans.  The lambskin linings are hand stitched in our New England leather workshop and include two tension-closure interior pockets.  They are available in more than a hundred different colors, ranging from soft pastels to bold metallics.  Specially designed brass and aluminum hardware is machined from brass and then hand-polished and plated in chrome, 18-karat yellow gold, rose gold, or black nickel.  


A minimum twenty hours of expert hand work goes into every single Elina clutch, while intricate, hand-painted artwork can involve as many as 20 additional hours by some of the most talented artists and artisans working today. 


Technology matters to all of us, and, like no other metal clutch, a patented feature we developed allows your phone to receive a signal and ring or chime while closed inside.  Our Elina Clutch will accommodate any phone size up to and including that of an iPhone X.  Our Elina PLUS will accommodate any phone size up to and including that of an iPhone 8 PLUS, with a bulky phone case. 

Pearl White

Our linings are all Italian and Argentinian lambskin, hand-stitched in our New England leather workshop.