Each piece, handcrafted by some of today's most talented artists and artisans, is detailed for a minimum of 20 hours.


Available in a wide variety of colors — including some that shift depending on surrounding light conditions — and textures, including enamel, hand-laid foil and hand-painted.


The linings, all Italian and Argentinian lambskin, are hand-stitched and include two tension-closure interior pockets.


Specially designed hardware, including our patented ring bale Mason's Latch, is machined from brass and then hand-polished and plated in bright chrome, recycled 18-karat gold, rose gold, or black nickel.

Aerospace aluminum body forms are hand worked into one of six high-strength, lightweight specialty finishes: touring color, stone, specialty, precious metals, leaf and filigree, artwork and leather.


The touring color finish is the same used by the likes of Ferrari, Jaguar and Land Rover, while the stone coating is soft and luxurious to the touch, but durable enough to withstand bleach or washing directly under warm water.

Our patented cellular signal access technology allows your phone to work while neatly closed (and latched) inside the clutch.

Our pieces are durable, lightweight, and easy to carry. 

The Elina Clutch will comfortably hold phone sizes up to and including the iPhone Xs, while the Elina PLUS can accommodate the largest phones on the market with even the bulkiest of cases.

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