JEFFREY LEVINSON is an American luxury brand. Founded in 2014 with the introduction of the Elina Clutch, Spring/Summer 2015 was Jeffrey Levinson’s first wholesale season. Led by its high-impact, hand-painted “Porcelain Dragon,” and its clean metallic finishes in bright, hand polished chrome and 18-karat gold, the line was well received and picked up by retailers across the country. 

Precision and excellence form the core of Jeffrey Levinson’s approach. To achieve its uncompromising designs, the company relies on the latest technologies and some of the most talented artists and artisans working today. The brand’s flagship Elina embodies this dynamic, emerging from the successful marriage of cutting-edge American aerospace and automotive manufacturing techniques to the timeless mastery of skilled metalsmiths and leather workers. 

Jeffrey Levinson is a distinctly American company. Not only is its design decidedly American, drawing on the vibrant roots of American culture to guide the creation of new, exciting, and relevant pieces, but also the company is headquartered with its manufacturing base in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And with deliberate intent, $0.90 of every dollar the company spends on making its products is spent in the United States.

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